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Consulting Services provided by Wy'East Marine include cost estimating, technical writing and vetting of yards and service providers.

Vetting of Yards and service suppliers involves visits to sites and observation of facilities and level of quality in workmanship. It also includes checking references and a review of past performance. When you have extensive hatch cover work to do, it helps to know which yards have the space and experience necessary to get the job done right! Some contractors are best for machinery repairs while others are better at steel repairs. Often, a talented contractor can effect repairs without placing the ship in a yard, and can even work during cargo operations (depending upon local rules and cargo type). Wy'East Marine can help you select the right facilities and suppliers.

Cost estimating is necessary for the proper evaluation of a project and to evaluate bids and quotations against expectations. It is also necessary to keep costs in line when change orders need to be issued to a contractor.

Wy'East Marine can also help Owners and Operators in evaluating the effectiveness of the technical management. With experience in dealing with crews, yards and owners from countries from all over the world, we can also help coordinate the interaction between owners, operators, managers, contractors, suppliers, regulatory agencies, etc. to assure a minimum of misunderstandings and to maintain good relationships.